buyer oriented marketplace

Competition is growing very fast as many marketplaces businesses have appeared in the last few years. To improve their business, owners are focusing to enhance buyer user experience. There are many ways to improve your website experience and make it user-friendly for buyers. 

User experience is the impression that the audience gets while seeing your website during scrolling or visiting an eCommerce site. 

The buyer-oriented e-marketplace is one of the e-marketplaces normally run through a combination of businesses and investors for involvement in a joint venture in order to establish an efficient marketplace for buyers. By buying from this type of e-commerce marketplace, you will be able to achieve the best price from the supplier. 

If you are a supplier one can use buyer oriented marketplace to advertise your product catalog to a large number of customers. Customers can match and compare the prices of different suppliers. 

Tips to improve buyer user experience

Here is the list of features that can help to improve user experience and create buyer oriented marketplace:


Simplicity means getting rid of many things such as empty spaces, colour schemes, and logical organization of the site. Customers while scrolling websites should understand the process from search to delivery. 


Feedback is one of the most important tools in designing, developing, and marketing. This will help you analyze your business and later run a buyer-oriented strategy.

Loading time 

Speed is very important your page load time and response time should be fast otherwise customers will leave your page without contacting you. 


Make sure your marketplace has openness, clarity, and honesty. From ordering to product delivery whole process should be transparent. If there is a lack of clarity customers will leave your page.

User research

User research is important for a successful buyer-oriented marketplace. Try to know more about customer interest, preferences, and experiments. Use tools and the latest technologies for that. This is an excellent way to interact with your audience. 

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