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After establishing your business the next big step is to maintain the traffic on your site. Most of the businesses fail in this because they are not aware of the chicken and egg strategy. Basically, this strategy focuses on attracting both the sellers and as well as buyers to your website. Because to attract more sellers you will need more number of buyers and vice-versa.

Here are some top ways that can bring the attention of consumers and sellers to your online marketplace in Uk. Have a look at them carefully!

Find projections on social media-

This is the best way to enhance your traffic on your site. Everyone uses social media and it had become a necessity for people. So advertising through social media will have a great impact on your business. It facilitates direct interaction with customers and buyers, so it becomes easy to operate. 

Maintain your ‘ Contact Us ‘ Page-

It is very important to maintain your site and have a regular check on it. Your customers are attracted by the content you show them about you. It is very crucial to write all the details properly and accurately. All the important things must be noticeable to the user. Your page should have a clear vision and mission of your company. 

Contact through mails and cold calls-

This makes it easy for you to contact the target users directly. You create a connection with your user before anyone else can. This helps to make people more aware of your website and it creates easiness for you. You must gather all the information and problems that the user is facing before contacting them. E-mails also play a vital part if you want to expand your business on a large scale. 


This is also a very good method to attract customers and sellers to your website. Advertise about yourself on every possible platform that you can think of. Advertising through television, magazines, newspapers, etc. helps you a lot in gaining customers.

Get your customer’s reviews frequently-

You must focus on what your customer desires. Listen to your customers’ problems and try to solve them as early as you can. Try to improve yourself and give your best to your consumers.

Just don’t depend on a single tool to get your customer’s attention, try to combine all of them and then see how your customers are satisfied and happy with you!

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