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The eCommerce marketplace is having huge traffic day by day due to its growth all over the world. It’s hitting the peak of the online world and opening doors for all new and developing multi-vendor who want to grow their business. In this article, we will be discussing what are the important component of the eCommerce marketplace

Multi-vendor eCommerce marketplace

The multi-vendor marketplace is one of the largest platforms providing business opportunities to different vendors to sell their products and services in big space. Selling goods and services in a physical store generate few customers and an online marketplace is a great solution to spread business to all parts of the world and attain a large number of customers. 

Multi-vendor eCommerce marketplace is used for connecting admin with multiple vendors and buyers in one platform. 

Types of multi-vendor marketplace

Different types of multi-vendor marketplace available:   

  • Product marketplace
  • Service marketplace
  • Rental marketplace
  • Hybrid marketplace
  • Hyperlocal marketplace

The business model of the marketplace

Different types of business models available for the multi-vendor eCommerce marketplace

B2B eCommerce marketplace

In the B2B eCommerce marketplace, there are three types of models:

  • Supplier centric model
  • Buyer centric model 
  • Intermediary centric model

B2C eCommerce marketplace

In the B2C eCommerce marketplace, there are different B2C models such as retail, click retail and virtual malls. 

C2B eCommerce marketplace

In this marketplace, customers develop product and service ideas for the business organizations and get paid for the idea. 

C2C eCommerce marketplace

This business model involves the product and service transaction between two customers using a third-party platform.

Government marketplace

In this type of marketplace, the government provides service to the customer online.

Ecommerce marketplace platform components:

There are three basic components of the eCommerce marketplace platform:

  • Admin 
  • Vendors
  • Customers


Ecommerce is a trending business and has wonderful growth. This blog surely has given you excellent knowledge about the e-commerce marketplace. Register your business today at the eCommerce marketplace and get great exposure for your products and services at an affordable price. It will definitely take your business to next level and turn your ideas into reality.

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