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The eCommerce industry is potentially growing during this time period. 60% of the world’s internet users have purchased products from online devices; this means there are more than a billion online buyers. This is not a surprise for anyone as the e-commerce marketplace is growing rapidly. 

You have two options whether you can set up your own eCommerce website or you can create an account on an e-commerce marketplace. This totally depends on your needs, requirements and budget. Both have the potential to attract customers from any location but this totally depends on a few factors. 

Few factors for your eCommerce success

In this article, we are mentioning a few factors which you should consider for your eCommerce success. 


The design of your online store is one of the most important factors for your eCommerce success. You have ever experienced that you might have clicked on a product link and closed that page in a few seconds. This is because the design doesn’t convey the right message or may be difficult to use. So, design your website accordingly so that it looks attractive to customers and is easy to use.


Make your website a security-oriented one and you don’t compromise with privacy. A website that involves online transactions requires a high level of trust. Be transparent, this will make your site trustworthy. 

Optimized pages

A product listing page doesn’t only mean mere listing of your products it will not help Google to recognize your page. Your every product page should be SEO friendly with proper and unique description, image optimization and keyword-friendly URLs. 

Easy to navigate 

If it is easier for users to navigate through your site, there will be a higher chance of converting. Design your website in such a way that your customers can easily go to the desired page or product page without searching too much.  

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