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If you’re new to the market or already running a business, you have surely heard about b2b. We all know the full form of b2b – business to business, but many of us don’t know how it works. In this article, we have mentioned everything about business to business that one must be knowing. 

Let’s start from basic!!

What is B2B e-commerce?

B2B eCommerce is different from normal Business to Business trade. This is a business model that takes place between one business to another business. B2B eCommerce business means online trade done between the businesses that sell their services or products to other businesses. This means that businesses are being involved rather than the individuals who are purchasing for themselves. 

How does it work?

Suppliers can choose their B2B model for their business. There are two options available: The first one is, you can create your own website and sell products directly from there to end customers. Secondly, which is the more popular one is you can have choose Business to business online marketplace like Travel retail trader. Here, both sellers and buyers can convert and interact. Sellers can set their storefronts where they list, advertise, and sell their products. 

Advantage of B2B eCommerce

Here is the list of some advantages of Business to Business eCommerce

Build your online presence

B2B eCommerce is coming online. This means Business to Business eCommerce can build a solid online presence. 

Expand your customer base globally

Business to Business marketplace has a solid buyer base to whom you can trust because of the verification process, inspection service, reviews, guarantees, and privacy policy. 

Offers low cost

B2B online marketplace allows businesses to set up their storefront at a low cost. 

Easy to set 

 Business to Business online marketplace helps you to easily set up your store front and showcase your products without any web hosting. 


I think this blog must be beneficial for you and you must be knowing what B2B eCommerce is and how does it work. This way you can reach to more customers and extend your business globally.   

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