A wholesaler is a body that buys and sells bulk products from manufacturers to other retailers. Wholesalers are companies that have a service or website that offers suppliers goods for sale. Wholesale outlets are similar to directories but differ in that you can buy directly from suppliers.

In recent years, wholesale marketplaces in UK have become a popular channel for brands, manufacturers, suppliers and retailers. Several established vendors such as Alibaba and Travel Retail Trader have a wide range of products that you can access with just a few clicks of the mouse.

How Wholesalers Are Crucial To The Supply Chain?

Wholesalers have always played a crucial role in the supply chain. Their existence gets questioned; it was thought they are no better than mediators who worked for commission. This made trade less transparent between the manufacturers and the retailers, and eventually, the end-user had to pay a higher price.   

The thought might seem to make sense in the ideal scenario but when brought to practical terms it was observed that keeping wholesalers away from the supply chain only made things difficult and less manageable. This is because most manufacturers prefer to sell to wholesalers as they buy large quantities of products.  Retailers, on the other hand, could not afford to buy products in bulk from manufacturers who had to empty their factory storage soon; neither did retailers have a huge space to manage the products. The cost of storage implied to surpass the average profit; a retailer would make by getting rid of a wholesaler altogether. Therefore, there was no chance that retailers were going to let go of wholesalers!

Finding The Right Wholesaler For Your Business:

It is important that you find the best wholesalers or wholesale marketplace who are affordable, deliver on time and deliver reliable customer service. the different types of wholesale vendors, the pros and cons of wholesale vendors, the best places to find them and how to shop from them. 

The first step when buying from a wholesaler is to make sure you have a productive first contact with them. By referencing customers and suppliers who have cooperated with the supplier in the past year, you get an accurate insight into the current state of the supplier business. 

If you’re new to the wholesale industry, Travel Retail Trader is a great place to explore different niche ideas, find winning products, and identify supply opportunities. connect with suppliers on our wholesale marketplace and explore your competitive methods. 

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