Little Neon Bag

PVC Tote Bag

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The little neon PVC Tote bags protect your products and keep them safe from spilling, leaking, or damage. In these bags, you can put your cosmetics in one place to avoid any hassle. They come in various colors that can go with any outfit. Can even store your favourite items in these exclusive neon PVC bags. Come in at the best price and can be carried anywhere. Buy little neon PVC Tote Fashion Transparent Handbag.


  • HDB320200603
  • 32X13x33 mm
  • 580 grams
  • No
  • 4202220000
  • 44
  • 98
  • EAN 4897071060684
  • PVC tote bag

    Two Handles

    One size

    Multiple colours available

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