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Did you know that viruses and bacteria can remain on surfaces for days? This device is lighter than a coin for easily taking everywhere with you to prevent direct contact with these common surfaces.  Tested and proven to prevent the transmission of these pathogens through a triple-antiviral system: an anti-viral coating on the rubber tip deactivates 99.99% of viruses,  a shielded door enclosing the rubber tip prevents secondary contamination and an inner ‘virus trap’ blocks the spread of viruses and bacteria from the touch tip to other parts of the device . Works on physical buttons, infrared touch screens, and capacitive touch screens.

  • P000000M
  • 5x1.6 cm
  • 5 grams
  • No
  • 3926909790
  • 115
  • 98
  • EAN 8809990 249206
  • Retractable Touch Tip : After use, the contaminated contact tip is completely isolated from the user for safety  

     Copper-based material: Sanitouch`s outer casing was designed and produced using copper-compounded polymer for antimicrobial effect.

    Antiviral  material

    Structured to seal out viruses

     Virus trap

    Natural Antibacterial

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