Seller FAQs

When a buyer posts a product request, if you have listed products within the category they are sourcing, you will automatically receive a quotation request from the buyer. Please reply to this promptly stating if you are able to supply this product, with your supply terms inclusive of pricing terms through the "Message Buyer" box in the "Quotation Requests" section within your account.

The buyer will then send you a response that will be received in the "My Messages" section of your account. If they express an interest to purchase, you must then add this new product from the "Product Manager" section so that the buyer can then proceed to purchase.

To give your listings the best chance of securing a sale, we recommend that you follow these simple tips:


  • Offer your ABSOLUTE VERY BEST discounted wholesale pricing

  • Make your volume discounts attractively tiered.

  • Include freight into your cost wherever possible so you buyer has no hidden costs to absorb

  • Upload as many eye-catching visuals as possible. If you have any product videos, go ahead and upload these too.

  • Give as much detail as possible about the products and your company

  • Respond promptly with competitive proposals to any Product Request Submissions your receive from registered buyers.

  • Be precise and friendly in your responses to any customer inquiries that you receive.



No. You will need to create a separate Buyer account with a separate email if you wish to be Buyer as well as a Seller.

You can keep your Buyers updated by updating their order status through your dashboard. Click on 'Manage Orders' in the Menu section of your Dashboard. Against the order you wish to update click on the 'eye' icon which is the order details page. On this page you are able to update your order status by selecting from the dropdown menu in the 'Order Tracking' section located towards the bottom of the page. Once you update the Order Tracking section the Buyer will receive a notification of the status. You may contact the Buyer in addition to this if you so wish.

A payment invoice is automatically generated when a purchase is made. All your invoices can be downloaded and shared via the 'Manage Orders' or 'Payments and Invoice' section of your seller account page.

When a purchase is made by a registered buyer, payment is immediately received into a 3rd party holding payment gateway. Once you update the order status to 'Delivered' on the 'Order Details' page within 'Manage Orders', the payment which was held in escrow, (less our commission for the sale), is released to your given bank account. The timeframe for receipt of payment is dependent on the time taken from the date of order to the date the goods are delivered to the buyer. Payment is released as soon as the delivery and receipt of the goods are confirmed by the buyer.

Go to 'Manage VAT' in the Menu section of your Seller Dashboard. Under this section, you can select the country applicable to you and the percentage amount of VAT. This will then be automatically applied to your listing sale price. 

We have one location for our advertising banners which is the prime position on the home and landing page of our website. The banner is a rotating banner of 4 advertisements. The cost of 1 advertisement per month is USD250 during which period, you have the opportunity to update the visuals for the advertised product twice.

If you would like to discuss a more long-term advertising strategy, please reach out to the TRT Support team here so that we may discuss your advertising requirements and offer you a value package to better suit your requirements.

No! Go ahead and make the most of this opportunity by listing as many products as you like. The more variety you offer, the greater your chances of securing a sale! 

We recommend that the cost of shipping should be factored into the selling price of each listed product. However, you may also opt for 3rd party shipping for which the cost will be calculated automatically based on the selected shipping terms, quantity, and destination. Should you come to an alternative agreement with a buyer, it is strongly encouraged that you keep Travel Retail Trader informed so as to save any confusion should any arise as the order progresses. 

There are no upfront costs or monthly subscriptions or listing fees associated with a seller account. Simply register, get verified, and list as many products as you like. You will only be charged a fixed 15% (excl. VAT) commission on the value of each trade that is generated and successfully completed through our registered network of buyers at Travel Retail Trader

Click on the 'Become Seller' button on our homepage and enter the details required to create a seller account. Once your account has been created and verified by our team you can start listing your products right away.

We recommend that you do this in order to aid you in securing more trades as offering registered businesses VAT invoices enables them to recover the taxes they pay on their business purchases.

Unlike the individual consumer, businesses have larger volume requirements and business overheads. As a result, our registered buyers will expect to pay significantly less than individual consumers. Offering attractive reduced pricing for larger volumes also significantly increases your chances of securing your initial sale and your business customers returning to buy in bulk in the future.

The images should be 800px (W) x 800px (H), 60mm  (W) x 60mm (H) in JPG or PNG format and no more than 2MB and maxi

You may also upload a video for each listed product. This should be in MP4 and have a file size of no more than 8MB

We're really sorry but at this point in time, we only offer still image advertising. However, we are working on this and will let you know as soon as this available.

We need the following information from you in order to upload your banner advertisement:

Banner Title

Wording for the description

Artwork for the visual. This needs to be  827px (W) x  404px (H), in Png format and no more than 10MB in size. If you would like your visual to match the background, then the background colour reference for your visual should be e9efef