On the Go World ( Mandarin) Children's Card Game

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Help your child improve their memory recall and observation skills with this quick-thinking card game. With dual language options of Mandarin and English children will learn fun facts and improve their general world knowledge learning about capital cities, maps, flags and key iconic features from around the world. Your children will be bright world experts in no time! Traveller's special edition of BrainBox.

  • BB02 (M)
  • 18 x 10 x 2.8 cm
  • 310 grams
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  • EAN 5025822899613
    • 3 games in 1
    • Observation and memory game 
    • Snap Pack
    • Dual language of Mandarin and English
    • Special Traveller's Edition of BrainBox

Extra Details

3 Games in 1 Observation and memory game, Snap pack and Pairs
20 On The World Go Cards Cards feature a different country showing it's capital, flag and key iconic features. Players look at cards for ten seconds then turn cards over, roll the die and try to answer the question of the number they have rolled. If correct they keep the card, if not it is returned to the box and play passes to the next player.
Pairs Game Cards can be used to play Pairs by spreading out all the cards and then taking in turns to turn two over, keeping them if they match or returning them if they do not.
Snap Pack Includes names, capitals, maps and flags of 13 countries. Players snap together cards from the same country, such as 'Canberra' and 'Australia'

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