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If you don’t know what to sell in your online shop; then the selection of trendy products is a safe option. The prospect of more competition will increase sales, and the demand for products will most likely increase. Getting the products at wholesale rates via the wholesale marketplace in UK is a great way to make profits.

Identifying trending products provides an excellent opportunity to outdo the competition; it will provide you with the top trending products you can sell in 2021.

Some trending products for retail in 2021:

  1. Smartphones & Tablets

Be it, kids or adults, a major chunk of their time is spent using mobile phones and tablets. There’s no way this demand is going to decline, it is only going to rise manifolds. Adults use them for stock trading, formal work and kids for social media and playing games.

  1. Music Accessories

During the quarantine phase, everyone got stuck in their homes and the mode of entertainment was limited to consumption of music and other online graphical and video content — demand for music accessories thus, drastically increased. These comprise neckbands, wireless buds, wired earphones, speakers and much more.

  1. Masks & Sanitizer bottles

In view of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, face masks and protective shields remain the most sought-after products of the year. Masks have become a way of life for many — apart from the deadly virus they also protect from excessive heat, pollution and foul odour. Additionally, regular sanitation is also essential for better health. Sanitiser bottles, hence, are being consumed more.

  1. Reusable Bags

Data from Google Trends shows a steady increase in searches for reusable bags, suggesting that reusable bags will be profitable to sell in 2021. Reusable bags cause less pollution and are sustainable. As a retailer try selling reusable bags that are high in quality and do not rip off easily. 

  1. Eco-friendly Products

Individuals have now realised that there’s no flex in owning items that cause harm to the environment. They are trying to lead a sustainable way of life by consuming products that cause minimal harm to nature. These comprise phone cases, candles, essential oil diffusers, showpieces and a lot more!

  1. Tripod Stands & Smartphone Holders

With the surge in the number of content creators on the internet, tripod stands and smartphone holders are in more demand than ever. The reason being, their ability to facilitate a lite version of content creation setup — just place the phone camera and they are good to go with photos, videos and reels. The cool thing about these products is that by getting the right wholesaler, you can make a huge profit as a retailer. 


New products arrive and sell all the time so that you need to stay on top of the best selling products of that time. There is no need to reinvent the wheel, just select a product, label it, market it and sell it. Check Google Trends and similar tools to stay at the forefront of general product trends in this area and be the first to identify potential new trends and make money. If you are a drop shipper, you can also check the dropshipping product list for other profitable products for your business. Alternatively, you can visit Travel Retail Trader; a renowned and reliable wholesale marketplace in UK that is home to several retailers and wholesalers across the globe. 

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