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As we all know, the life that we were living previously is being stopped after COVID-19. Many factories, warehouses, and distribution centers get closed because of this business suffered. But many businesses took this as an opportunity and explore many new strategies and practices, such as the online marketplace.  

In this article, we have mentioned the latest trends in the wholesale marketplace:
This pandemic has put many businesses in a tough position the whole year, so many businesses got creative in order to sell their products and services. 

  1. Going towards eCommerce marketplace
  2. Data proven decisions
  3. Flexibility in supply chain
  4. Using artificial intelligence
  5. Global expansion

Going towards eCommerce marketplace

Online marketing is getting popular day by day, but wholesalers and retailers need time to settle into the b2b marketplace. Buyers can easily connect with suppliers who offer according to their requirements. As buyers and sellers from around the world can get connected, that offers maximum flexibility to everyone. 

Data proven decisions

Taking everything to data and analytics makes it easy for businesses to decide on marketing, sales, and operations. Even help them to re-plan their strategies and allocate their investment properly. 

Flexibility in supply chain

This is the method to adjust the use of raw materials, production, and shipping to make the process more cost-effective and reliable. 

Using artificial intelligence in marketplace

Automation is a key to scaling any business, wholesale companies are now using advanced technology and artificial intelligence to make their process more efficient. Artificial intelligence has covered many areas, such as sales, billing, accounting, and other administrative tasks. This will give businesses more focus on growth-centered tasks.  

Global expansion

Global trade has always been in demand, but thanks to technology, this practice takes a boom in this pandemic situation. An online marketplace like travel retail trader offers unique tools that allow buyers and sellers to communicate easily, which means you can speak to the person on the other end easily no matter what language they speak. This type of platform making easy for wholesale distributors to reach the global market.  


Past few years after this pandemic is full of difficulties. But business owners surely got to learn many new things which will surely lead to growth and expansion. 

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