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Many product-based businesses aspire to be carried by major retailers, however, due to fierce competition, only a few succeed. It will take a lot of work and persuasion to get your product into a major retail store, and you’ll need to show why your product is worth a retailer’s shelf space.

Before you rush into that crucial sale, you must first figure out how you’ll get your product to merchants and satisfy your contract. After you’ve made the sale, that’s not something you would like to start working on. Here are a few pointers on how to sell products at wholesale prices.

Travel Retail Trader
Travel Retail Traders

Look for similar products

Examine the present products on the shelf in the retail store that your item will replace. What is the expected sales increase for the retailer if they switch to your product? Use sales data from similar establishments to demonstrate how much money they’re losing if they don’t sell your goods. The opportunity cost of just not carrying your product can be effectively communicated via charts and graphs.

Prepare for the market

Before approaching wholesale distributors, be sure your product is fit to go to market. The product must be completely created. This implies no prototypes till they are contacted. Distributors aren’t interested in representing products that are still months away from being completed. They’re looking for finished goods.

You should also know your product’s cost and retail price point, as well as how to package, advertise, and supply it if demand spikes unexpectedly.

More often than not, speed to market takes precedence over price.

Create a sales and marketing strategy

Distributors will be interested in learning how you intend to promote to retailers and customers. Because, at the end of the day, getting people to buy your goods is your responsibility. Ultimately, the provider is accountable for establishing the retailer as well as consumer demand.

Use all of your marketing resources to assist increase demand and keep merchants ordering from your distributor. The products that move and are refilled frequently are the most profitable for your wholesaler and merchants.

Make your website more wholesale-friendly

Include a wholesale tab on your website to let visitors know you sell wholesale. Include a contact form for retailers to fill out with information about themselves so you may send line sheets if they seem like a suitable fit.

You can also include a list or a map of where customers can locate your goods in-store locations once you’ve begun gaining stores.

Acquire references to approach distributors

Your distributor is akin to a business associate. You must ensure that you can collaborate and that you are on the same page. Just because someone claims they’re interested in carrying your product doesn’t guarantee they’re the ideal fit. Make sure your firms are a good fit by doing your research.

Attend trade shows and ask for references from retail buyers. Based on your target demographic and ideal customer, who would they recommend? Create your own trade show booth and stock it with plenty of materials for possible distribution and sales teams. Make a point of getting all of their contact information and following up.

Customers should be delighted to discuss their experiences if you choose a good distributor.

Offer A Money-Back Guarantee

Offer a money-back guarantee and excellent online customer service. Allow them to sell it without the stress of taking care of consumers and the unknown. The retail establishment will be grateful for any assistance you may provide by taking care of the clients. If you provide a money-back guarantee, retail store owners will be less afraid of the unknown and more confident in your promise.

Identifying Your Market

The easiest method to assure a strong relationship with a distributor is to select one that can assist you in getting to market rapidly. Make sure the distributor you chose sells to your specific target demographic, and that they know how to sell things to that market and get your product into retail outlets.

Finding out who distributes your competitors’ products or sells complementary products to yours is one suggestion. When I mention competitors, I’m referring to companies that sell a lot of merchandise.

 Finding a distributor who represents similar and popular products might help you get your product to market faster since they are already familiar with how to compete and win in that industry. It also gives the merchant a wonderful opportunity to build bundles and add-on deals for several products, enhancing the earning potential of the product.

Wrapping Up this was all you must know about how to sell products wholesale. Finding the appropriate wholesale distributors can be quite beneficial to your product business. Help them sell your product. They will buy more from you if they can sell more. Offer display materials or perhaps a Skype call with their sales team to discuss key selling factors.

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