Silicone Mini Cross Body Bag- Blue String

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Quantity: 100 Pieces

Made for every day or just that day at the beach, this silicone mini cross-body bag is the perfect accessory for summer. It's compact size makes it ideal to hold all your essential every-day items such as wallet, keys and phone. The Silicone material gives the bag a soft look and finish. Waterproof and adjustable shoulder strap.

  • BG-LL-089 (2)
  • 20X12.5X5.5 cm
  • 200 grams
  • No
  • 4202320000
  • 44
  • 98
  • EAN 4897071060844
  • Adjustable drawstring mini cross-body bag

    String type closure with adjustable shoulder strap

    Silicone and soft back material


    Striped blue, pink, neon yellow, hot pink

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