Girly Go Garter


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The GirlyGoGarter® is a beautiful lace leg garter that does a lot more than just look cute.  Lined with comfy lingerie-quality microfiber that features our latex-free patented GentleFlex™ Grippers, you'll never need to use a garter belt.

  • Girly Go Garter M
  • 14,6 x 11,4 x 1,3 cm
  • 60 grams
  • no
  • 61178010
  • 44
  • 82
  • EAN 858661005014
  • The garter features two rows of easy-access and lock-flap pockets, to safely hold up to three pounds of your stuff, including medical devices, an insulin pump, your phone (even big phones), passport for travel, cash, keys, credit cards, ID, makeup, and more. The perfect solution to effectively replace your purse, travel wallet, passport wallet and useless tiny jeans pockets, all in one!  

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